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Boteh Rugs


Product Features
  1. 100% Hand-Spun Highlands Wool Pile
  2. Vegetable Dyed
  3. Luster Washed
  4. Hand-Knotted Turkoman Knot
  5. Country of Origin: Pakistan
Capture the art of handmade elegance with the Chobi Collection by Vanini. Crafted with vegetable dyes and 100% hand-spun Highlands wool, the Chobi Collection offers a series of antique traditional designs highlighted in soft and vibrant overtones. Hand-knotted using a distinct Turkoman Knot, Chobi is woven on horizontal looms by master weavers of the trade. The collections lustrous pile offers long-lasting durability and an elegant sheen. The added benefit of a high luster wash and Vanini's exclusive blend of colors provides a silk-like appearance throughout each design. As the result of the soft washing of vegetable dyes, these area rugs are true treasures. Each design offers old world touches that will complement furniture pieces that are heavy in pattern and rich in color.


Product Description

Perfect for today's transitional and contemporary room-settings, the Nepal Collection by Vanini offers a sophisticated appeal unmatched by any other area rug collection of its kind. Hand-knotted, using a time-honored Nepalese weaving technique, The Nepal Collection offers a series of fresh geometric and Nepalese designs that are saturated in dramatic earth-inspired colorations. The use of mixed textures and geometric patterns in enhanced by the incorporation of fibres such as semi-worsted New Zealand wool often in different deniers, silk, raw silk, linen, jute, mercerized cotton and bamboo fibres. Each earth-inspired color found in the collection has been designed to add dimension to room-settings that are dressed in today's most popular color and design schemes. The sophisticated appeal that is employed in the collection's simple geometric and Nepalese designs is enhanced by a unique double wash process, providing the collection's pile with a soft hand and the look of a rich patina.

Traditional Area Rugs

Traditional rugs offer many styles of area rugs such a country French, floral, Aubusson and others. These rugs add a more classical look to any traditional decor. Area rugs from the traditional category offer numerous color palettes ranging from muted tones to rich luxurious color schemes. These rugs can add a sense of class to any formal setting while remaining appropriate in the most causal rooms. Traditional rugs are manufactured in a wide array of qualities with price points available to meet all design budgets.

Contemporary Area Rugs

Contemporary rugs bridge the gap between modern and transitional rugs. These rugs can be bold or sophisticated. They can display sleek clean lines or geometric patterns. The clearest distinction when describing area rugs within this class is that they do not display widely modern elements nor do they reside in the much more casual, serene patterns generally found in rugs described as transitional. Contemporary rugs provide you with that 'in between' look of sharp elegance. They are easy rugs to design around because they generally do not dominate a room. Actually, these area rugs are ideal to begin with when planning a room's d'cor. You can simply find the rug you love, and then build the entire design theme around that particular rug. Contemporary rugs are available in all constructions including machine made, hand knotted and hand tufted qualities. The price points for these very popular area rugs range from very low pricing to high end.

Tibetan Area Rugs

Tibetan rugs are among the most popular styles in the market of area rugs. We carry many beautiful and elegant styles of Tibetan rugs and are proud to offer these exceptional collections of rugs to our customers. These area rugs, mostly hand knotted, are available in a variety of styles ranging from rugs displaying ethnic designs to area rugs more suited to transitional and modern looks. Tibetan rugs have long been a staple for fashion forward interior designers looking to create a high-end eclectic motif. Generally, Tibetan rugs are high end in nature due to the fact they are mostly hand knotted. However, many hand tufted and synthetic machine made reproductions are available at extremely affordable price points.

Modern Area Rugs

Modern rugs display the elements of bold, contemporary and free flowing lines. These area rugs can be wild or tame, colorful or monochromatic. Modern rugs reflect the mood you want to create and are not restricted by design limitations. Modern rugs are genuinely artistic and are available in all constructions and qualities from machine made to hand knotted. Generally, modern rugs display uninhibited designs and are very colorful. Modern rugs are one of the fastest growing segments among all categories of rugs. Interior designers are frequently choosing these area rugs for use in their very latest design projects. When choosing these area rugs, you can let your imagination run wild. Price points for these rugs range from very low to high end,depending upon their construction and the materials used.

Transitional Area Rugs

Area rugs that fall info the transitional rug category offer a wide variety of styles ranging somewhere between traditional designs and oriental area rugs. These rugs offer an eclectic mix of colors and patterns merged to beautifully complete any room setting. Rugs that are transitional in nature are often chosen to compliment a specifically planned motif. These area rugs will beautifully compliment the colors, designs and styles the home decorator has chosen. Transitional rugs range in quality from inexpensive to high end providing price points that meet all budgets.

Flat Weave Area Rugs

Similar to hand knotted rugs, flat weave rugs are woven on a foundation made up of cotton warps (rope) strung on a frame called a loom. Instead of looping wool around the warps and creating a thick wool pile, the yarns are threaded back and forth covering all the cotton thread like a blanket or tapestry. This weaving process creates a very flat pile. Because of the manufacturing method, flat weave rugs are usually produced more quickly than hand knotted rugs. The beauty of these area rugs is revealed by the fact that they do not display the thick pile found in hand knotted rugs. Instead, these area rugs show a flat textural look. Flat weave rugs are available in many styles and designs. They are beautiful and frequently used in many applications by home decorators and interior designers alike. The unique style of these rugs makes them highly desirable. Price points range from low to high end, depending upon how densely they are woven and the materials used.

Luxury Area Rugs

Luxury area rugs define our finest and most beautiful hand knotted rugs. The origins of these area rugs include India, Pakistan, China, Tibet and many other countries where superior rug weaving is a generational art. Because of the extraordinary craftsmanship employed during their production, these rugs will display intricate designs, extraordinary colors and unequaled quality. These are the rugs most coveted by interior design professionals. They represent the very finest area rugs that one can own. Luxury area rugs are often referred to "heirloom quality".

  1. Hand Tufted - The term Tufting refers to a form of hooking, where yarns are pushed through the foundation of a rug by hand with the use of an electric tufting gun to form a pattern. A hand-tufted rug can be made with many types of fibers including wool, silk, jute, acrylic or a combination. Hand-tufted rugs are generally less expensive than hand-knotted rugs and offer a tremendous value to the customer. To construct a hand-tufted rug, a cotton canvas is stretched on a frame to form the foundation of the rug. The design is drawn on the canvas in stencil or in outline form. Using the described tufting gun, pile yarns are pushed through the foundation, making a loop, which is then cut giving the finished rug a plush or cut pile surface. The back of the foundation is given a latex coating to lock the pile yarns in place. A secondary canvas backing is applied to the rug to give it more stiffness and to cover the latex. In a Hi/Lo hand-tufted rug, the pile of the rug is a combination of cut and loop pile, which is used to create a three-dimensional effect. Hand Tufted rugs offer an incredible value due to price points ranging in the middle, above machine made and less expensive than hand knotted.
  1. Hand Knotted - This term refers to a wool rug woven by hand from various origins of the world such as India, Nepal, Tibet, Pakistan, Turkey and China to name a few. The word "Knot" refers to a process where each yarn is knotted through the back of an Oriental rug. The number of knots per square inch is a quality factor in a hand made rug. The back of hand knotted rugs generally consists of what is referred to as the Warp and Weft. The term Warp describes forming the backbone of the rug.  Warp yarns are attached to a loom and run the length of a rug. The Weft describes the yarns that are woven horizontally across the warp of a rug. Additional elements may be woven through out the rugs including wool with different deniers that may be percentages or specific shades of colors.  Sometimes part of the pattern may also be woven in silk.  Typically due to the labor and time involved in creating hand made rugs the price points are generally higher than Tufted and Machine Made rugs.
  1. Machine Made - Machine-made rugs can be made of various materials, including heat-set polypropylene, faux silk viscose and wool. Machine-made rugs are crafted on automated looms for yarn placement and weaving, where the pile yarns and the backing yarns are threaded into the machine ahead of time. A computer controls which colors are woven into certain parts of the fabric, creating the original design. Power loom weaving is very fast, but usually only allows for a limited number of colors at a time. By the use of machine looms the process of crafting these rugs becomes a much less labor-intensive product to produce allowing for incredible quality and beauty at affordable price points. Fringe varies by either being sewn directly into the rug or added after production.
  1. Shags - Our Shag Rugs will add comfort to your living area with their plush fibers, and natural beauty. These area carpets are hand-knotted using materials such as semi-worsted New Zealand wool often in different deniers, silk, raw silk, linen, jute, mercerized cotton and bamboo, acrylic and polyester fibres. Combinations of these fibers add a fresh look to these rugs and are great for adding color and texture to any room. Our Shag rugs are and soft to the touch and a luxury to walk on.
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